Morningstar Applied Physics identifies promising advanced scientific projects that are at the cutting edge of their technical discipline. Once selected, we then arrange for adequate funding to bring the best projects to the proof-of-concept or demonstrator stage, and provide project management and resource coordination services to expedite them to their logical fruition.


We consider advanced, exotic and embryonic technologies that will positively impact mankind. We are mostly interested in technologies that can be engineered from proof-of-concept to commercial viability with a minimum of complications and cost. We also prefer projects that can green our planet. If interested, click on our Proposal page and review our Submittal form.


If you are interested in underwriting some of our intriguing though risky technology propositions, and are an accredited investor with an extremely-high risk-tolerance, then we encourage you to contact us through our Sponsor's Page.


We are funded for our current proposals; however we are working to bring new proposals out in the very near future, and are considering possible new members. Our exclusive family of sponsors is proud of their ability to take on speculative and challenging projects. We carefully select projects with the ability to monitor risks with modest sums on behalf of the greater good. To find out more about our members and their objectives, or to inquire about adding your name to the list, visit our Sponsor page.

Current Development
  • Energy Creation
    • Clean Source Generators
  • Energy Transmission
    • Field Physics Technologies
  • Energy Consumption
    • Transportation
    • Propulsion
    • Surveillance Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Pollution Abatement Technologies
  • Industrial and Commercial Lifting  and Transportation
  • Communications Technology
  • Biotechnology
Current Development
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